Epavlis Boutique Hotel

We are the ‘’Epavlis’’ and you will find us at Koumaries, in the town of Kalabaka. The post code is 42200 and although there are no addresses, as it is a new town plan, you will locate us very easily.

Our unit has 8 rooms-apartments from 25 to 44 sqm, of exceptional aesthetics, which include all modern comforts, having access to public and private spaces. Although Epavlis does not have many rooms, it is a multifaceted hotel in many square meters, with a variety of distinct common areas, offering many possibilities and facilities to every visitor, who when he meets us and gets to know us, experiences a surprise of many stars.


In addition to hospitality, our beautiful and warm place, can also offer you a variety of activities.
1. BBQ
You can dine in our warm and welcoming place, choosing a first and a second course from our homemade menu. All the products that make it up are either local or our own production, as quality is our priority, while all our dishes always have our signature for your enjoyment.
2. Greek Language Courses
Come and learn Greek with us in the easiest and most fun way, in groups of 2 or more. The necessary equipment is provided by us, while we make sure that your experience stays alive by giving you a souvenir of attendance.
3. Wine – Tasting
Come to our cozy place to taste local wines accompanied by local gastronomy.
4. Gastronomy
You can choose ‘’Epavlis’’ to enjoy your dinner at the BBQ, where you can choose first and second courses from our traditional menu, or dine in one of the places we suggest.


My dear,

I am Nikologiannis Spyros and as the owner and manager of Epavlis Boutique hotel in the city of Kalampaka, I greet you and I am waiting for you to visit the Municipality of Meteora, experiencing unique experiences!

In order to get to know you better, before I personally welcome you to Epavlis, I would like to introduce myself by sharing some personal information…

I studied economics, worked for 18 years in banking mainly as a Business Consultant, completed postgraduate studies obtaining specialization degrees (MSc) in Banking Management, Industrial Production Management and recently in the Management of Tourism Businesses and Organizations.

I act as a special consultant in matters of tourism and finance in the Municipality of Meteora while since 2010 I manage my dream which was the creation of the Epavlis Boutique hotel at the foot of Meteora in Kalambaka!

I speak English and Italian, I am the Public Relations Manager of the Hotel Association of the Prefecture of Trikala and I am more active in the promotion and promotion of the tourist product.

As the Manager of Epavlis Boutique hotel I dedicate a lot of time to the planning of the accommodation and the tour of the visitors…

Yours sincerely,
On behalf of Epavlis Boutique hotel
The manager

Nikologiannis Spyros